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Math Note Form
Suitable for Middle school and up
Fundamentals of Algebra
Advanced Algebra
Algebra I
Algebra II
Integrated Mathematics I
Integrated Mathematics II
Integrated Mathematics III
Discrete Mathematics
Advanced Quantitative Reasoning
Sample Resources
Instructional Videos

    Internet Resources
  • Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers
    This is a sample from Khan Academy. Students may view lessons without registration, but there are more supporting tools for tracking and accessing progress with a registration and connected to a Coach.

Sample Resources Tools and Games
  • QuizBook! is a set of tools created using Excel and visual basic for applications that can generate quizzes, tests, practice problems as well as interactive games for individual student and whole-class use.

  • FastLane! is solo or multi-player quiz game available from Excel or as stand-alone web pages.

  • WinningStreak! are interactive quizzes and games to assess proficiency with specific topics.

  • is a storage area for practice problems and quizzes.