Unit 1 Introduction to Algebra
Unit 1 Essential Questions
1What is a variable and why should they be used if I have numbers to represent quantities?
2How is using exponents any different (better) than not using exponents?
3Why is it important that everyone perform operations in the same order?
4What is the best way to display and analyze data?
5How can graphs mislead your understanding of data?
6How can I represent a pattern in a table algebraically?

Learning Objectives Unit 1
Introduction to Algebra
    Variables in Algebra
  • Evaluate variable expressions
  • Write variable expressions that model the real world.
    Exponents and Powers
  • Evaluate expressions containing exponents
  • Use exponents in real-life problems
    Order of Operations
  • Use the order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions
  • Use a calculator to evaluate real-world expressions (like sales tax)
    Equations and Inequalities
  • Check solutions and solve equations using mental math
  • check solutions of inequalities in real-life problems
    A Problem-Solving Plan Using Models
  • Translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions
  • Use a verbal model to write an algebraic equation or inequality to solve real-life problems
    Tables and Graphs
  • Use tables of organized data
  • Use graphs to organize real-life data
    An Introduction to Functions
  • Identify a function and make an input-output table for a function
  • Write an equation for a real-life function.

Unit 1 Key Concepts/vocabulary
Concept Concept
bar graph open sentence
base order of operations
chart output
data power
domain range
equation solution of an equation
evaluating variable expressions solution of an inequality
exponent solving an equation
function solving an inequality
grouping symbols table
inequality unit ananysis
input value
input-ouput table variable
line graph variable expression
mathematical model verbal model

Evaluating Expressions

Quiz Name Skill Assessed Practice File Passing Grade Notes
Expressions 01 Simplify expressions using addition and subtraction (with positive and negative numbers). ALGEXP1-0.pdf
8 of 10  
Expressions 02 Simplify expressions that multiply positive and negative numbers. ALGEXP2-0.pdf
8 of 10  
Expressions 03 Simplify expressions by adding polynomials - combining Like terms ALGEXP3-0.pdf
8 of 10  
Expressions 04: Writing Expression Write expression that describe real-world problems SQ-AlgExpressions-04 2 out of 2 Geometry problems
Expressions 05: Polynomials Simplify expressions by combining like terms; terms include those with exponents SQ-AlgSQ-AlgExpressions-05 3 of 4  

Unit Information
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    The purpose of the Skills Quizzes is to measure the proficiency of students for one particular skill. Generally 85% correct can be considered proficient.