Holten-Richmond Middle School, Danvers MA
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Student Resources

Teacher Resources

    Chapter 6 homework files
    There are three files for each section
  • The raw files have the problems from the textbook in a Smart notebook - these files are good for doing problems from the textbook in class.
  • The Key files in a Smart notebook contain the answers, sometimes the full solutions. These files are good for going over the homework answers, where you can add the solutions live if they are not in the notebook already.
  • The key files in PDF format are so students can check their answers, these were posted online.

    Exponent unit files
    Thse files can be used for both Algebra I and CMP classes, with some modifications for the CMP classes - mostly taking things out they don't need now.

Pretest-Exponents.doc This may be suitable for both the CMP and Algebra classes
Exponents-Practice-Test.doc Algebra I students need to be able to do all of these problems; It can easily be modified to delete the problems we would not expect CMP students to answer nor would they see them on MCAS.
ChapterPractice.doc Practice problems suitable for both the CMP and Algebra classes
WS-Sections-1-4.doc This has a variety of worksheets (4). I changed the header to Fundamentals of Algebra but there are problems in some sheets intended for Algebra 1 students but beyond CMP.
Unit-Project.doc Objectives for the sports-card unit project, included beacuse I had provided a hard-copy
Test-V1.doc This is a fair test for Algebra I students, some questions past CMP level
Exponents-Day-1.notebook I used this file on a first day lesson introducing the exponents unit. I started with going over place value to make the powers of 10 connection. I may have used some of these pages again with scientific notation. Students might also get a place value chart for notes.
Exponents-Presentation-1.notebook This is a good file to use to present exponent properties. Where there is a colored box there is a problem/solution - slide the boxes as needed during the lesson. There are a few pages in the beginning that have my notes from class, they make more sense while presenting, I left them in just for reference.
Properties-Summary.notebook I used this in classes in the past to help sumarize the exponent properties, it could provide you with a starting point for your own use, ease the scribble.

    Microsoft Publisher files with the exponent properties which can be made available if you are interested, just send an e-mail to J.Brennan@HWMath.net.